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Your Brand: Promise, Purpose and Personality

Your Brand.
The world views your brand not as you desireā€¦ but as it relates to them.

Your Branding Promise

What promise are you making to your customers that both really matters to them and makes you different from your competitors? It is essential to attracting new customers and instilling loyalty amongst your current customers that you stick to your promise. Your brand promise is the emotional statement that you make to customers that identifies what they should expect in all their dealings with you. It is often called a ‘tag line’ and should evoke a positive emotion.

Don’t be afraid to make a promise. If you are confident in your skills and your ability to give your customers a memorable experience you will more easily stand out from everyone else and be the business of choice. Your customers want to know that when they come to you they will receive the same excellent service and/or products. They want a consistent experience.

In order to be the a business of choice ask yourself what promise your brand makes and what purpose it serves to your customers. Once you’ve made this promise look at everything you do in your business and make sure that every customer experience is congruent with this promise. If it is your clients will love you and you won’t need to be concerned about the competition.

Your Brand Purpose

The importance of building a brand on a purpose, not simply a promise helps consumers understand what the brand stands for. Your reason to be. Your greatest strengths and what you have to offer. It highlights what you provide the market, how your business is different, and what makes your business distinct.

Your Brand Personality

Your brand personality is how you want to be seen by your customers and potential customers. What set of human characteristics most closely represent your customer’s experience?

For example do you want to be seen as:

  • young, upbeat, spirited, exciting, and imaginative or
  • sincere, honest and genuine or
  • reliable, responsible, dependable and efficient or
  • sophisticated and glamourous?

You can show your brand’s personality through the products you use, the services you offer, the uniform you wear and what you specialize in. By adopting a brand personality that most closely resembles your personality you will create a stronger connection with your customers and potential customers. Those who love what you have to offer will choose you above everyone else. Be different. Be unique. Be you and draw customers who want that experience to you.

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