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Have you ever thought about writing a book? Here at Saffron Publishing, we help entrepreneurs and professionals write and publish books. We make self publishing easy and affordable. 

What would that mean to you?

A published book can enhance your credibility, grow your customer list and help you become recognized as the expert you are. 

Hello and Welcome to Saffron Publishing 

Hi, I’m Anne Elizabeth Perez and I am your main contact here at Saffron Publishing. I have written and published clients’ books for many years and worked in both print and online media.

At Saffron Publishing we take your manuscript, carefully configure it, format it and get it ready for publication. Whether you want your book available on Kindle, as a Paperback  or both, we know what it takes to make it not only presentable, but professional.

With your published book, your customers and clients will respect and trust you more. You will be seen as the professional expert you are. 

Take a look at our different publishing packages, decide which is right for you, and get published now.

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